We begin where you are, which simply means, we focus on the current sensation and body awareness as a guide to how we work together…

Exploring together couple sessions in Tantric massage and touch with awakening your inner essence in Huddersfield Yorkshire

Massage for couples

Couple sessions are offered in a private, friendly and fun session. Come and celebrate your love together and deepen your intimate connection….

Transform your relationship through a conscious sexuality approach to intimacy as you learn some tantric practices for feeling more connected and embodied during intimacy.

Learn together some tantric touch techniques and how this can be bonding.

Explore how to take your sex life from the physical to the energetic using tantric energy techniques

The sessions are tailored to your individual and couple requirements and consists of conversation, meditation, embodiment, energy sensing, tantric rituals and exercises and is mostly massage based as we explore extended orgasmic states and the benefits of the slow and sensual

We will also discover some witnessing and being witnessed in these session and tap into some wheel of consent work to learn how to ask for and be met fully in your desires within your relationship.

I work from home in a specifically set up temple space which is private, homely, warm, inviting and comfortable.

Depending on the session there is either a futon mattress on the floor for Tantric massage and floor work or a massage table for Sexological body work sessions, Lomi Lomi massage, erotic massage and Bondage Massage. I have shower facilities and you are welcome to take a shower afterwards and every session is followed by herbal tea and snack.