We begin where you are, which simply means, we focus on the current sensation and body awareness as a guide to how we work together…

My offerings include, Tantric Massage, sexological body work and Kahuna massage


Welcome I am Amanda...


Available today Thursday 29th October 10am - 10pm Huddersfield

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That you have the right to pleasure and the right to explore your pleasure in a space that facilitates freedom of expression and openness. It is my passion that create that space where you can feel at ease and all is welcome as you give yourself permission to experience and expand into the ripples and nuances of pleasure…

I see life as a journey of exploration and adventure and have a passion that pleasure is a portal to fulfilment and empowerment as when we are met in our pleasures we truly become seen.


My offerings include - Tantric Massage in Yorkshire based in my home town of Huddersfield. I also offer Sexological Bodywork sessions, Kahuna Bodywork and Lomi Lomi massage.

Awaken to the aliveness of your being, awaken your inner Essence…..

"If life was a book and I was the author how would I want this story to go?" Amy Purdy